Dive Training

Training Courses include:

  • Both theory & practical instruction training
  • ALL courses consist of either online instruction or classroom learning
  • Pool sessions to introduce you to the underwater world
  • Skills practice
  • Flexible to meet your needs and level of comfort
  • If you feel you need more practice we are happy to provide that for you
  • Include all the resources and equipment needed
  • And finally, open water dives to get certified

Your course is provided by a:

  • Certified PADI instructor
  • Trained to teach you using proven teaching methods and standards that promote safe responsible & fun diving

We are not interested in being the biggest facility but rather one that has a reputation for safety and quality.

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All training materials are provided to you in either a digital or paper version. Sign up now to get started.

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Confined water training takes place at our facility in our custom-built pool that promotes a safe fun learning environment to get you comfortable with the skills required to dive in the open water. Your journey in the underwater world continues in the clear waters of Georgian bay or we also offer the option of continuing the final portion of your course in several locations in the Caribbean. Call us to see what options fits you the best.


You pay for your training, but you earn your certification. We want you to be a confident, competent, and safe diver. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced diver your certification comes because of your hard work and focus during the course. We offer a multitude of courses from beginner to pro. Check out the options below.

Your first breaths underwater are something that you will never forget. That’s why we want to make sure that you continue to enjoy diving for a long time. How we do that is to make sure you are a competent and conscious diver. We take the time to make sure you have the skills to properly experience the underwater world.



8 YEARS OLD + From $75.

  • Great for kids that already love the water
  • learn some basics of equipment
  • breathing underwater
  • safe controlled pool setting
  • Not a certification course
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Child learning how to scuba dive at Double Down Divers.
Kids waiting by pool with scuba instructor at Double Down Divers.

SEAL TEAM. From $75.


  • 10 aqua missions split into two groups
  • Aqua missions 1-5 teach the basics of diving
  • Aqua missions 6-10 offers adventure dives
    • AQUAMISSION: Snapshot specialist. Your child and a friend take pictures of each other diving underwater.
    • Or AQUAMISSION: Night Specialist. Your child gets to dive in the dark with flashlights! How cool would that be?
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  • Try scuba diving before committing to an open-water course
  • You can use this as credit toward the open water course
  • Takes about three hours to complete
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A beginner diver learning to scuba dive in a pool at Double Down Divers.
Students diving together with Double Down Divers.


  • If you are already comfortable with the water and know that you are ready to start your journey
  • The course consists of three different sections: theory, confined water, & open water
  • Complete the theory online or in the classroom beforehand with review & testing before any water activities
  • Five confined water training dives in our facility
  • Four open water checkout dives:
    • LOCAL WATER: Georgian Bay
    • Or CARIBBEAN: Schedule a place & make a vacation out of it!
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  • Already certified but have been out of the water for some time?
  • This course brings you back up to speed on your skills and get you comfortable underwater again
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We offer a Re-activate Training course to bring you back up to speed on your skills and get you comfortable underwater again.



Once you have completed your advanced and rescue courses and have achieved the minimum number of dives to qualify you can start your journey into your first step as a diving professional by signing up for the Divemaster course. This course gives you the opportunity to assist in classes and learn what it takes to look after a group of students while perfecting your skills all while under the supervision of a PADI open water scuba instructor. Are you ready to GO PRO?

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Pro divers open water diving training in tropics.


Advanced Diver. $750.

Rescue Diver. $750.

Diver Master

Dry Suit Diver. From $500.

Enriched Air Diver. $300.

Search & Recovery. $500.

Oxygen Provider

Equipment Specialist

Peak Performance Buoyancy

Deep Diver

Wreck Diver

Project Aware

Shark Aware

First Aid

Emergency First Response

Primary Care, Secondary Care, and Primary Care for infants & children.
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Scuba Gear Rentals


Double Down Divers offers a complete line of rental gear to get you into the water.

We provide a full line of rentals for certified divers that includes BCDs, regulators, wet suits, masks, fins, and tanks. We also offer tank fills at our facility for certified divers.

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